Tablescape for a Casual Dinner Dance

Who would have thought……

  • 60 wine bottles of cobalt blue or spring green
  • 30 rounds of wood from recently-cut trees
  • 100 stems of garden greenery
  • 1 five-gallon bucket of gerber daisies  

would make such an impact as tablescapes at a Low Country Boil for 120 guests?

These were the ingredients 10 friends and I transported to transform a club setting into a relaxed dinner dance atmosphere for dear friends recently married.

The best part was that each of us could participate in the decorating.

No previous experience with flowers required.

The guiding principles:

1)   Keep the flowers and foliage above the sight line so guests can see each other across the large round tables.  To test, rest your elbow on the table, hold your hand straight up making an “L” shape and exceed that height.

2)   Keep a consistent and colorful look using multiple hues of Gerberas and greenery on each table

3) Prune and shape greenery so it is not so bushy.

3)   Have fun!


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