Testing new products from Smithers-Oasis

Smithers-Oasis, the company best known to floral arrangers for its green Maxlife floral foam, continues to innovate to become more environmentally friendly.  From the consumer point of view I could see why. There are some designers who don’t use its green floral foam because it’s not biodegradable. I am not one of them. I depend on the foam for large church altar designs, petite mass designs, and the in-between size design when a piece of soaked foam is taped to a narrow neck of a container. 

The newest products are different.  Even the new ECOssentials containers’ labels claim “Biodegradable – compostable”. 

One of the things the company does well is educate customers on the how-tos of using its products and best practices overall in a floral design business. Tuning into YouTube Oasis University yields many helpful hints. Not only does one get information but designers throw out hints on reusing products like aluminum wire. Crumpled pieces can be a mechanic in a glass bubble vase. 

Kudos to Smithers-Oasis and their designers!