Tea & Tour + Sale Postponed

As the North Georgia Council of Flower Show Judges, we are following the continuing guidance from government and public health officials on the Coronavirus.

We are disappointed that we must postpone the April 24-25 Tea & Tour + Sale at Bellmere.

We anticipate rescheduling the event at a future date. 

Your Friday or Saturday ticket remains valid. If you are unable to attend when new dates are announced, you may receive a refund at that time.  If you desire a refund now, please contact Susan Turner at glencree@bellsouth.net.

Our 135 ticketholders and 70 volunteers are foremost in our minds. We want them to stay healthy and minimize the risk of infection and community transmission.

We will be in touch through the website and email messages. 

Thank you for your willingness to remain adaptable and flexible with us. 

Anna Burns
President North Georgia Council of Flower Show Judges

Many thanks! 

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A Word From Anna

Living in Georgia, one of the best  gardening and flower arranging climates, has been such a blessing. It would be hard not to enjoy. An interest on the side during the years I worked helping pass referendums, communicate through the media and make presentations about public education, floral design is now my passion to share. We all are creative; expressing it through the medium of plant materials brings deeper meaning to your life. I encourage you to see possibilities and tell your story through floral design. Learn more on my about page.