About Anna

Anna has had the unique ability to explore many opportunities afforded to her. Through her involvement with the National Garden Clubs, Inc. exhibiting in and judging flower shows, and attending workshops and symposiums, she has honed her skills and now wants to share all she has learned with you! We invite you to learn more about her and her talents.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What brought you to be involved in garden club and specifically floral design?
The first step was someone inviting me to attend a garden club meeting and then my joining a club. Sometimes, I don’t think we take how seriously one invitation and acceptance of it can influence the direction a life takes. Secondly, a dear cousin has been deeply involved in floral design as a National Garden Clubs flower show judge; her influence led me to take courses where, after all, you have to create floral designs!

2. What excites you about floral design?
I’m most excited about combining nature’s abundant, unique offerings of foliage, flowers, and branches into art. It’s exciting to see how distinctive each piece is. I enjoy finding relationships between nature and culture to create floral art that is appealing.

3. Where do you go to for design inspiration?
Basically everywhere: nature foremost; the work of other designers, flower shows, visual merchandising, museums, home tours, magazines, National Garden Clubs Handbook especially the design types’ descriptions. When I began viewing flower arranging as floral art many sources opened up – things I had not considered before became points of inspiration.

4. Your favorite experience in the floral design arena so far…
It seems every floral design I create for a competitive exhibit is a learning experience and painstakingly time consuming. I usually challenge myself to choose a design I have never done before or incorporate a plant or other material I have not used previously which leads to lots of trial and error experiences.  My favorite incident happened when I didn’t try too hard; a miniature design of mine was voted best of the 20 petite designs club members brought to a meeting. I received a metal sculpture that had belonged to a designer/author I admire. That was better than even a blue ribbon!

5. What are you the most passionate about?
I am passionate about interesting others in floral design to see the possibilities and give it a try. I want my example to nurture the creativity others have. If I can do it, anyone can. To be able to share information is the reason I am writing a book on petite design.